Canadian History: Post-Confederation Open Online Textbook

We used this free online textbook in my History 202: Canada from World War Two to Present course. It is reasonably easy to read and understand, making it a great textbook for a grade eleven or twelve high school Canadian history course.

Canadian Letters and Images Project

Another great resource for teaching students about Canada’s history in war through primary sources, mainly letters, images, journals, and memoirs from Canadian veterans. This website also includes a teacher resources section with lesson plans in Social Studies and English Language Arts in collaboration with the Canadian Letters and Images Project!

Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report: “The Survivors Speak”

“Shattering the Silence” by the Faculty of Education, University of Regina

Both are great resources for teaching about residential schools, as they both provide background information and stories from survivors. Most likely, resources such as these would be helpful in a high school Native Studies course when teaching about residential schools and their lasting impact.

CBC Digital Archives

The CBC Digital Archives would be an awesome resource in the History or English classrooms when trying to teach about the views of Canadians during particular historic national events, the time period when a novel is published, Canadian’s views towards national issues when they happened, etc., providing historical context to lectures through the various audio files, videos, and broadcasts posted in the archives.