Just a Little About Me

Hey guys! My name is Brianna Gelowitz. I just finished my first year of Secondary education with a major in Social Studies and a minor in English. When I am not at school, typically, I am working at my part-time job at a daycare in Regina or my private tutoring contract. During the summers, I … Continue reading Just a Little About Me


“The Heart of a Teacher” Reading Reflection

Parker J. Palmer’s “The Heart of a Teacher” examines the concepts of identity and integrity, as well as the central role they play in our jobs as teachers. He explains that “we teach who we are … and knowing [oneself] is as crucial to good teaching as knowing [your] students and [your] subject” and that … Continue reading “The Heart of a Teacher” Reading Reflection

All About Brianna

Hi, my name is Brianna Rose Gelowitz! I was born and raised in the breathtaking province of Saskatchewan. Raised in the city of Regina, I spent the summers of my youth camping and exploring this beautiful province with my parents, brother, and sister, which instilled a deep appreciation for the natural beauty, differing landscapes, and … Continue reading All About Brianna