Field Experience

WF Ready Rams LogoI spent my first field experience at W.F. Ready Elementary School in the Grade 3/4 classroom with Alexina Galera on Tuesday mornings. In our first day in the classroom, the classroom teacher, Laura Slack, was away, so we spent that class with our first of two substitutes. It was interesting initially getting to know the students without their regular teacher there as many students attempted to test the substitute, Alexina, and I. We got to watch unfocussed students either listen to the substitute or openly defy her, then, in turn, see how a rather experienced substitute would handle each of the situations to make sure students were back on task in a respectful manner to all those involved. I laughed that first day when Alexina commented on how small the children in the classroom were, yet to me, they were big kids as I work with three and four-year-olds every day at the daycare I work at. We also spoke about the differences between that classroom and our elementary school classrooms. In the Ready classroom, the classroom was quite large and open with skylight windows in the classroom, which was placed in the interior of the school, classrooms were identified with letters rather than numbers on the door, students sat at small tables with chairs rather than the typical school desks, and some students did not have chairs but stools that did not sit flat on the floor, allowing them to use it much like a fidget tool. The next Tuesday, we had the opportunity to meet Mrs Slack. Watching her with the kids was amazing. She had a way of working with the habitually unfocussed kids and getting them on task within seconds. Being there on Tuesdays, we did not really get to watch Mrs Slack teach a lesson as often the students just worked on worksheets from a topic they learned on Monday. Over the seven mornings we spent in their classroom we had the opportunity to get to known some really amazing students. I was shocked on one of the last days when a student called me Ms Gelowitz as we had only written our names on the board on our first visit to the class. He had such a good memory that he even spelt out my last name! This is definitely an experience that I will never forget and has affirmed my drive to become an educator.