Week Nine Blog Post

Following reading the article, "Why are schools brainwashing our children?", by Cynthia Reynolds, here are the things I learned, connections I made, and questions I have. From this reading and our discussion last week, I have realized that my education style features a strong social justice orientation and that I am excited to breach social … Continue reading Week Nine Blog Post


Week Eight Blog Post

Following reading the Historical Dimensions of Canadian Education article, I was surprised that only a century ago, “most people had little if any formal schooling” (53) because today it is assumed that without schooling beyond grade school there are few occupations with livable wages available. Also, that at the beginning of public education, school boards … Continue reading Week Eight Blog Post

Week Four Blog Post

Three things I learned this chapter were that with observational learning, allowing students to look over the teacher’s shoulder, like the vantage point the student would have while practicing, makes observational learning easier through this practice would work best with visual based work, for example, mathematics or science. I also learned vicarious experiences, like watching … Continue reading Week Four Blog Post

Lending a Helping Hand, As Much As I Can!

Throughout the semester, I have had the pleasure of reading and commenting on my classmate's blog posts! It was really interesting following along with the progress of my classmate's Learning Projects or hearing their similar or differing opinions on our assigned blog posts. I have had many classmates contribute to my learning and I to … Continue reading Lending a Helping Hand, As Much As I Can!