Lending a Helping Hand, As Much As I Can!

Throughout the semester, I have had the pleasure of reading and commenting on my classmate’s blog posts! It was really interesting following along with the progress of my classmate’s Learning Projects or hearing their similar or differing opinions on our assigned blog posts. I have had many classmates contribute to my learning and I to their’s, so here is just a few of the ways I have contributed to other’s learning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As well, I had the opportunity to work with Ashley Osachoff on a partner blog post. In building this narrative between a teacher and parent on the issue of a paperless classroom, we each had the opportunity to contribute to each other’s learning while completing this task together!

Thanks to all of my classmates who have contributed to my learning this semester, it is greatly appreciated! I can’t wait to continue following all of my classmates in their learning and teaching careers through their blogs and Twitter accounts!




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