I Finally Made It!

Hey guys! Here I am at the finish line. I have learned all of the chords to Riptide by Vance Joy It was actually a lot harder to play than I thought it would be. That being said, here is the video I used to learn Riptide on YouTube through Marty Music

I found it very difficult to try to strum and sing at the same time, so I broke up the intro which has me frequently switching the chords and trying to strum on the first video, then on the second video I make it all the way through Riptide while attempting to sing (I have a really bad cold so that made it even more difficult!). During this summer I hope to practice transitions between chords and strumming to (possibly) share with everyone, but for now here is my very choppy version of Riptide! 

It still needs some work (and apparently my mic continues to really distort the sound). The intro is supposed to be just going through the three chords twice but I was kind of enjoying doing it so I just kept going!

As you can tell, I really struggle to try to strum and sing at the same time but that is something for me to continue working on. I am definitely nowhere near being “good” at playing guitar, but with much more practice I will slowly get better! Thanks for following me on this journey!

My final learning project post will be coming soon as an overview and wrap up of my whole learning project!


2 thoughts on “I Finally Made It!

  1. You made it!

    Congrats Brianna! I’m able to hear the song in your playing which I think is great! One thing that I’ve read about playing and singing is that 1 thing needs to be completely automatic while the other can be a conscious effort. For example, playing the song on the guitar needs to be completely automatic so that you can focus on your singing, or vice-versa. You seem to be coming along, though! Here is a video that may help with your strumming too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odb132pxljQ

    Best of luck,


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