Trying Out an Hour of Code

For this week’s post, I tried the Hour of Code program, through, where I made a Flappy game! This game was skilled at Grades 2+, so the hour-long program took me twenty minutes. 

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This was particular program was easy enough for me to do it! I also looked at the Hour of Code programs for Grade 9+ in the Social Studies topic, as I wanted to see what was currently available for the subject I plan on teaching. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 4.52.41 PM.png

I looked through the two flag drawing programs and think these would be great programs for both learning codes and flags from around the world. 

Through the program I did, I learned a little bit about how what I am typing right now is translated into what you see on your screen. I think coding is important for students to learn, especially our every changing digital world. In school, I never learned anything about computers. All I knew was that I typed and what I wanted appeared in front of me on my screen. Through learning how this technology works, students, in turn, will learn how to protect themselves and their personal information from this technology. 

In my future classroom, I now would like to introduce my students to through the flag making programs. I likely will not do a whole unit on coding but will introduce my students to this resource in one assignment and allow them to explore for themselves after that assignment.





One thought on “Trying Out an Hour of Code

  1. Hi Brianna!

    Thanks so much for your post! Just like you I also enjoyed being able to have some fun on the! It was super fun and interactive! I tried the star wars one and quite enjoyed it myself. Do you have any other options of games that you would like to try?
    – Laura


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