Tweeting Away . . . Slowly

While I did have a personal Twitter account that I created in grade eight then immediately quit using, I really had no clue what to do or tweet on Twitter. Getting into the habit of tweeting regularly has been a bit of a struggle for me, especially as I have never been the type of person to constantly be posting on any social media platform rather I have always been a lurker on these sites. With that being said, I really enjoyed taking part in my first Saskedchat! This experience allowed me to express my ideas while seeing what other people had to say about educational issues and looking at how others tweeted. I will definitely have to carve out some time in my busy schedule to take part in another Saskedchat! I think as Twitter is a great professional development tool in the aspect that as a teacher I can continue learning about my field not only through my own research but also through other teachers with complementary or opposing views to myself. While I enjoy the idea of using Twitter for professional growth, I do not like the idea of using it in the classroom. I find that kids and students today are so absorbed into their various social media accounts and other technology that I am not necessarily a fan of incorporating social media into the classroom setting. While I would not be opposed to a paperless classroom that uses technology in the place of paper, I do not think I would make students use social media in the classroom, especially as I knew people in high school who did not want to or were not allowed to have social media accounts. Even as a teacher, while I see the value of using Twitter as a possible place to create reminders for students and parents that are easily accessible through a web search of my teacher account, I think there are other valuable reminder apps, such as Remind, that as a teacher I would use in place of a social media account with students.


While I may not intend to use Twitter in the classroom, I do believe that I will continue using it as a professional development tool. I’m gonna put in a shameless plug here to follow my Twitter account so you can follow me on my journey over the next few years as I finish my degree and then begin my professional career.


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