My First Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Three Chords!

After completing my first two lessons, I can say it is more difficult to play the guitar than I expected! I think the hardest thing for me so far is remembering the placement of my fingers and the names for those corresponding fingerings, as well as strumming. Strumming is a lot more difficult than I imagined as my hands are quite shakey, so keeping steady, even strums can be difficult. I used the lessons from Marty Music on YouTube for my first three chords, E minor, A sus2, and A major, through two videos, here are those videos:

I found these videos were easy to follow and clear, so I will likely use the lessons from Marty Music again while I am learning, but I also plan on looking around YouTube and using a few different sources as I learn to see what I like best!

Here is the video after I completed my first lessons, forgive me, I had just had my wisdom teeth out and was losing my voice when I recorded this video!

In my next lesson, I plan on learning the G major and D major chords, so stick along with me in this journey!


6 thoughts on “My First Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Three Chords!

  1. Awesome work so far! Really love how you incorporate the videos you learned from and then your own improvement! Excited to see how the rest goes!!

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  2. Hi Brianna,

    Nice work! Earlier I had told another classmate that learning guitar in the beginning sucks so much. At least it did for me. But once you get those essential open chords down, guitar playing becomes so much fun.

    Just a word of advice, not that you need to take it, though I wish someone would have said this to me when I was first learning to play the guitar. Don’t get too caught up on strumming patterns. There are a lot of videos that tell you to strum like ‘up-up-up-down-down-up’ or whatever. That gets you along just fine, though focusing on the actual rhythm of the song works wonders because you’re not forced to doing something a certain way, which usual comes off as robotic.

    Also, Marty Music is a great channel to use! He has a lot of great content out there that is beneficial to all skill levels. Another great channel that I’d recommend is papastache102. His channel is similar, being that he makes videos for all different skill levels.

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