#LearningProject: What Am I Going to Do?

So for my learning project, I have decided to learn to play acoustic guitar. While I did bass guitar lessons in elementary school and learned some acoustic cords in grade nine music class, but I do not remember any of it! I know how to read the treble clef from my six years of elementary and high school band class, during which time I played the clarinet. Other than that, I am going into this project without any ability to play any chords or even strum the guitar so this will be interesting. Over the course of this project, I will use YouTube tutorials and online sheet music as I slowly learn how to play music on the guitar. Each week I plan on working/mastering 4-5 chords, depending on the difficulty of the chords I intend on learning. By the end, I would like to be able to play Riptide by Vance Joy because it is kind of known as our “camp song” among the staff out at Monahan and would really like to be able to play and sing along this summer!


3 thoughts on “#LearningProject: What Am I Going to Do?

  1. Brianna what a great learning project to become dedicated to! I wish music was one of my talents. I love that you set yourself a specific goal to achieve at the end of this process, good luck and I look forward to seeing and listening to your progress!

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  2. This is a really great idea for this learning project assignment. I have also wanted to learn to play the guitar but I never knew where to start. I am excited to see how your learning progresses and what tools worked well for you!


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