All About Brianna

Hi, my name is Brianna Rose Gelowitz! I was born and raised in the breathtaking province of Saskatchewan. Raised in the city of Regina, I spent the summers of my youth camping and exploring this beautiful province with my parents, brother, and sister. These experiences instilled a deep appreciation for the natural beauty, differing landscapes, and diverse communities of this province.

In September 2017, I began working towards my Bachelors of Education at the University of Regina in the Secondary Program, majoring in Social Studies and minoring in English. My desire to teach began with my amazing elementary and high school teachers who continually show me what it means to truly love what you do. Also, in 2016 I began working during my summers out at Camp Monahan, which solidified my desire to work with youth and young adults.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with history, especially Canadian and European history. I also enjoy expanding my knowledge about World War I and World War II through documentaries, novels, and research. I love to share my historical knowledge with as many people as possible, so the prospects of teaching my favourite subjects make me excited for my career. I chose to minor in English, as I also love to write, read, and analyze literature, which led me to take the Advanced Placement program through high school, ending with taking the College Board English Literature and Composition Exam in my senior year.

From the time I was young, my parents instilled a love of travel in me. From the time I was young, I have had the opportunity to visit nearly every Canadian province between both camping and traveling to various Canadian destinations. Within the span of a year, I had the opportunity to travel to both the Bahamas and Alaska with my family. During my senior year of high school, I had my first opportunities to travel without my family. First, going to Ottawa, Ontario to spend the week leading up to Remembrance Day to learn from veterans, historians, and national museums under the topic of Canada’s role in war and peacekeeping missions through Encounters with Canada, before spending November 11th at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Downtown Ottawa. This allowed me to learn and grow in my love of history, as well as meet veterans and hear their incredible stories. Then just months later, I was fortunate enough to spend Easter Break in Spain and Portugal. This amazing trip allowed me to learn about a culture completely different from that of the Canadian culture I was raised in, as well as having the first-hand opportunity to learn about ancient history, which is not possible in my native land. These experiences have created an urge in me to continue exploring new cultures and countries, especially those in Europe. 

Outside of History, English, and traveling, I enjoy camping and the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, reading, photography and I am quite the coffee and tea connoisseur.

The best education I have ever received was through travel. -Lisa Ling





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